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woensdag 24 juni 2015

Dry Bones

A Lesson in Cartooning

I have received a number of inquiries about the recent attempt by Israel's Foreign Ministry to use a cartoon to get their view across. The GOOD news is that the Foreign Ministry is beginning to understand that activist cartoons are vital in the fight for public opinion. The BAD news is that this animated cartoon (which I've assembled into a print cartoon above) is a perfect example of how NOT to do it.
So why would a student in the Dry Bones Academy receive a failing grade if he or she had produced the Foreign Ministry's cartoon?
Let's begin with a description of the cartoon:
1: A foreign Journalist reporting from Gaza is blind to what's really happening behind and around him.
2: A "cool girl" hands him a pair of glasses.
3: He puts on the glasses, sees what's happening, clutches his heart, has a heart attack and collapses.
4, 5, and 6:The dramatic cartoon punch-line follows "Öpen Your Eyes." It is a direct and forceful message to the "viewer.
Basic principles of successful activist cartooning
1. Target: Pick your "Target" audience.
2. Goal: Your goal should be a way to change, if only for a moment, the beliefs of your "Target" by cleverly slipping under their "defensive radar"
3. The Secret Sentence: The sentence that your cartoon will cause your "Target" to involuntarily say in his/her head (thus reaching your goal).
How the Foreign Ministry Cartoon Fails
1. Target: The "Target" is the foreign press (as revealed by the punchline "open your eyes")
2. Goal: To change the beliefs of foreign reporters by cleverly slipping under their "defensive radar"???
3. The Secret Sentence: The sentence created in the mind of the foreign journalist is "the Israeli Foreign Ministry says I'm Stupid and Blind!"
* * *
I assume that readers would want to see an example of how the topic is taught in the Academy: 
the cartoon: 

The analysis:
1. Target: The foreign press
2. Goal: Use humor to change reporters' beliefs that their reports are believed
3. The Secret Sentence: The sentence created in the mind of the foreign journalist is "The public doesn't believe us anymore"
* * *
The Online Dry Bones Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism teaches the principles, tactics, and strategies needed to confront the cartoon war that has been launched against us, against thr next generation, and against civilization itself. We need your help. Please click on www.igg.me/at/drybones
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