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vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Even three-year-old children aren’t safe.


Today in the Islamic Middle East, Christians like the Abada family in Iraq suffer real persecution the likes of which most of us can scarcely imagine. 
It has been nearly a year now since Ayda and Khader Abada have laid eyes upon their three-year-old daughter.
On August 22 of last year, ISIS militants snatched little Christine from the arms of her mother, Ayda. To this day, her parents haven’t a clue as to her fate.
Ayda and Khader Abada are the parents of five children.  On August 6, 2014, a little less than three weeks before their daughter was snatched from them, Islamic State zealots took command of their home city of Qaraqosh.  But because Christine’s father, Khader, is blind, he and his family, not unlike many of their neighbors with comparable disabilities, were left with little option but to stay put.  
According to Open Doors, an organization dedicated to shining the light on the persecution of Christians around the world, since the Abadas had “‘no place to escape,’” it was their hope that their conquerors would extend “‘mercy’” to “‘the blind and disabled[.]’”
Unsurprisingly, their hope was in vain, for in no time, ISIS corralled the Christians of Qaraqosh for what they saidwas to be a medical examination.  Just as unsurprisingly, ISIS lied.
The Christians were robbed of their property and the purging of the city was under way.

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