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maandag 3 augustus 2015

The new KKK is radical Islam

Radical Islam is the 21st century version of the KKK, the sooner we understand that, understand what radical Islamic revolution seeks to protect, the sooner we can begin eradicating it through liberating minds and people. In terms of its scope, it’s genocidal tendencies Radical Islam is comparable to Nazism, the Comrade Rouge or the Houthis but in terms of political agenda is really a successor to the KKK. Like the KKK, radical Islam seeks to preserve a way of life at the expense and domination of other groups. In the case Wahabbist variation it is the “protection” by domination of Sunni Arab against minorities such as the Shia, The Druze, Copts, Berbers, Circassians, Jews, Kurds, Yazidi, Assyrians, Syria, Mehari, Arameans, Baha’i, Mandeans, and others who exist as religious groups, ethnic groups, ethno-religious groups and many of whom live as a majority in substantial territory dominated by Sunni ethnocentric groups.
The KKK was a terrorist group that formed after the South lost the civil war as a response to the freeing of slaves and desire to maintain a form of tyranny over the “other.” Like Islamic radicals they believed in their own superiority and the superiority of their “civilization” and furthermore they believed themselves to be moralistic “Knights” in the cause of their religion and that such a cause could be used to justify the targeting and murder of innocent civilians in the name of both religion and race.
We can see this in the policies and behavior that have informed both the Wahabbist Sunni movements, Iranian Shia and so called Islamist movements occurring in the various nations such as Egypt, Turkey and Jordan, the Pan Arab movements of the 20th century and the Pan Islamic movements that seem to have currency today. 
Artikel via The Jerusalem Post 
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