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donderdag 27 augustus 2015

Daryl Cagle

Rick McKee’s BIG New Book

By Daryl Cagle

My brilliant, conservative, cartoonist buddy, Rick McKee has just announced a big new book of his work, shipping in late November with pre-orders being accepted now! (See some samples of Rick’s cartoons below, and visit his archive on Cagle.com.)

Rick says,
 “President Obama has presided over the era of Islamic terrorism. 
He just can’t bring himself to say the words.”

Rick says, 
“President Bush was fun to draw, but his presidency was a dark time with 9/11 
and the Iraq War.
 I think a lot of satirists struggled to find the humor in the daily news.”

Rick says, “I was fortunate to begin my cartooning career as President Clinton’s troubles exploded. His numerous ‘bimbo eruptions’ were like cartooning manna from heaven.”

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