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zaterdag 22 augustus 2015

ISIS Publicly Whips 20 Women for Not Veiling Eyes

Dragged into the center of the market, the women were lashed with a whip the size of which 'even a large animal couldn’t withstand.'

ISIS publicly whipped 20 women in the center of a market in Mosul claiming that they were not wearing the required piece of black cloth to cover their eyes over the veil that is required of women to cover their face.
The whipping marks the first time that ISIS militants lashed the local women themselves. Previously, ISIS has sent not send foreign female vounteers to mete out such punishments.
Reports in the Iraqi newspaper A-Sabach (The Morning)  say that the woman were lashed on their backs and legs.
A.Y., a victim who spoke to the paper on the condition of anonymity, described the terrible scene:
“I didn’t know about this new ridiculous rule of ISIS, that now we have to have a black cloth covering our eyes on top of the required niqab (face veil).  I was shopping in a store in the market when an ISIS militant violently grabbed me  and dragged me outside. He was shouting over and over, ‘La Illaha Illa La’ (‘There is no God but Allah’).
 He screamed at me that anyone who doesn’t follow ISIS’ rules  is an enemy of Allah. My legs were trembling from fear. I had no idea what I had done wrong to deserve this humiliating treatment.
 This ISIS criminal led me to a group of close to 20 women that were in the square inside the market. We  were surrounded by a circle of armed ISIS men. An enormous man held a whip the size of which even a large animal couldn’t withstand. The man who had dragged me from the market pushed me into the women agterwhich I immediately began being whipped. The force of the whip almost made my soul leave my body.”
Artikel via Clarion Project

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