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maandag 24 augustus 2015

Groomed as a jihadi bride by her OWN parents: Judge puts girl, 16, in care to save her from a family home filled with ISIS propaganda

  • Police found a 'How to Survive in the West - A Mujahid's Guide' in her home
  • A High Court judge described the 16-year-old's parents as 'deceitful' 
  • Judge Hayden compared the girl's radicalisation as similar to child abuse
  • After being arrested, the girl, known only as B, said she wanted to join ISIS 

  • A girl radicalised in a family home filled with Islamic State propaganda must be removed from her parents, a judge ruled on Friday.
    Bombmaking guides and pictures of beheadings were found at the home of the 16-year-old, who this week achieved a string of As and A*s at GCSE.
    Mr Justice Hayden said her ‘deceitful’ mother and father had done as much harm to her as child molesters. She was suffering ‘psychological and emotional harm’ through exposure to extremism and had even tried to travel to Syria to become a jihadi bride.

    The High Court judge said she needed to be safe from the pernicious influence of IS propaganda. He read out a list of the disturbing terror documents that police found on electronic files at her east London home. Some of it belonged to her, some to her siblings and parents but police say it was swapped among them all. Electronic devices said to belong to the parents showed lectures inciting armed attacks on non-Muslims.

    Her flight to Syria last December was stopped by counter-terrorism officers who removed her from a Turkey-bound plane already taxiing on the runway at Heathrow.
    Her parents appeared to co-operate with police and social workers and the girl, referred to in court as B, was allowed to return to the family house where she was being home taught.

    Artikel via Mail Online

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