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donderdag 31 maart 2016


Antisemitism infects society with beliefs that define Jews as demonic, powerful, and a threat to the world.
The currently accepted and false belief is that the “Palestinians” are the native people of “Palestine” and that the Jewish State is an occupying colonial state.
This single fabrication is the main driving force behind the current wave of global antisemitism.
The remarkable success that antisemitism has now attained has been made possible by the new tactic of erasing 3,500 years of Israel’s history in the land prior to the establishment of the modern state in 1948.
The history of the Children of Israel in the Land of Israel, which was once common knowledge, has been deleted from our collective memories the way that the giant Buddhist statues in Afghanistan were obliterated.

One way of keeping our history alive is through the Passover Haggadah. We've just published a hard cover edition of the Dry Bones Passover Haggadah. It's complete, kosher, Hebrew and English, and every one of its 104 pages is framed by full color Dry Bones cartoons. Supplies are limited! Don't miss out! Get yours from Amazon.com by clicking onwww.store.drybones.com

-Dry Bones- Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

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