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zaterdag 28 november 2015

Dry Bones - Russian Insult?

According to Al Jazeera:
President Vladimir Putin has said Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane near the Syrian border was a "stab in the back" committed by "accomplices of terrorists". The Russian warplane was shot down near the Syrian border for violating Turkish airspace on Tuesday, Turkish officials said. Turkish officials told Al Jazeera it was shot down by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement, but Putin said the jet posed no threat. What is the Sukhoi Su-24? The Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet, also known by its NATO codename Fencer, is an all-weather attack Russian-made supersonic jet operated by two pilots. It is armed with laser-guided missiles as well as three gun pods capable of firing 9,000 rounds per minute. It is also armed with guided air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs, cluster bombs and incendiary bombs. [Photo: Reuters] "Today's loss is linked to a stab in the back delivered to us by accomplices of terrorists. I cannot qualify what happened today as anything else," Putin said in televised comments. more
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